Charles Francis Annesley Voysey

This month we are celebrating the birthday of Charles Francis Annesley Voysey (1857-1941) was a prolific architect and designer of the Arts & Crafts period at the end of the 19th century. He designed mostly domestic buildings, often carrying out the interior specification as well, detailing everything from the door furniture to the ventilation grilles.

He produced wallpapers, textiles and furniture with distinctive stylisation of natural forms. In 1896 The Studio magazine claimed that the name Voysey had become to wallpaper what Wellington was to the boot.

Voysey’s stunning designs have inspired our own Sky pattern, available as a tea towel, lampshade and wallpaper.

Voysey Saladin

Saladin pattern. Credit: Emma VI CC BY 2.0.

Voysey pattern

Voysey patter. Credit: NinaZed CC BY 2.0.

Voysey bed cover

Voysey Bed cover. Credit: Fæ CC BY 2.0.