Our story

Joanna Sanderson is the founder and creative director of Zena & Rose.

Joanna’s creative journey began when she was young, spending time with Zena and Rose, her great aunt and grandmother. The sisters worked as seamstresses in the family workshop making garments. One of Joanna’s fondest memories is of Zena and Rose teaching her to sew using patterned fabric remnants from the workshop.  With their help, her imagination could run wild.

Joanna was looking for a creative outlet after working for 10 years in the heritage and museum sector, advising on the conservation of historic buildings. She started Zena & Rose because she wanted to follow her passion for design, pattern and illustration.

Zena & Rose designs are primarily influenced by Joanna's knowledge of 19th and 20th century design and decorative arts.

Joanna Sanderson

Joanna Sanderson Zena & Rose fabric

Joanna Sanderson