Creating bespoke upcycled bags

Since plastic bags were banned in the UK, we've all got lots of fabric bags hanging about. That's great for the environment but sometimes they're not to our taste! Here are two projects where we have created a bespoke design, using wood block printing.

This M&S jute bag has a rough texture and normally we wouldn't suggest using this material as a base for block printing. However, by selecting the right blocks with lots of surface area, we've managed to get a decent print. The food theme fits the bag and brightens it up!

block printed shopping bag

This is a cotton canvas bag from a local market. It already has a big logo but we've decided to carry on with the flower theme, adding small insects as well. This really makes it unique and personalised.

block printed shopping bag

 If you would like to have a go at wood block printing, look at our workshops page