Creative Spring projects

Inspired by Spring, we've used wood block printing to create some colourful botanical art works on fabric and paper. If you like these projects, why not come along to one of our wood block printing workshops

Stencil Project:

This is a stencil initial print onto a tea towel. We've used the most flowery of the blocks and a bright colour palette. We've created a video of the process from start to finish. You can use a ready-made stencil (we bought ours on Amazon) or create your own out of masking tape.

Block printed stencil

Notebook project:

In collaboration with Laura Edralin, from Laura Letters Life, we created these notebook covers around Spring calligraphy phrases. These a simple Kraft notebooks with sewn spines. We did try spiral notebooks but the spirals got in the way!

Block printed notebook Block printed notebook

Art print project:

We used fine grain watercolour paper for this art print. The overlapping motifs create a meadow effect, and the bright colours help it pop! This would make a lovely gift for friends and family. Think of some messages they'd love to hear.

Block printed art