Igshaan Adams - Kicking Dust, Hayward Gallery

Igshaan Adams is a South African artist who uses sculpture and weaving to create installations. His latest exhibition, Kicking Dust, references a indigenous dance in South Africa and the clouds of dust created, which are represented by huge wire clouds floating from the ceiling. Islamic geometric patterns are also referenced throughout his woven wall tapestries which use a range of materials such as wool, rope and plastic. On the floor are further woven pieces, the patterns of which are based on 'desire lines', a network of improvised footpaths between townships.

This exhibition is certainly thought-provoking. As an artist or designer, the process of translating your concept into words is tricky, especially when your work is highly conceptual and abstract. Viewers will always add their own layer of interpretation, because art is so subjective. But that is what makes it fun!

At Zena & Rose, we haven't strayed too much into the abstract territory yet, but we're hoping to in the future. We will be looking to the pattern designers of the early 20th century, such as Josef Hoffman, who abstracted nature very successfully. 

To hear interviews with Igshaan Adams, go to the Hayward Gallery website.

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Igshaan Adams

Igshaan AdamsIgshaan Adams