Plant textures in design

Texture can enhance shape and create contrast, creating greater three-dimensional visual interest. Looking back to the last Chelsea Flower Show (Spring 2018) reveals a great example of how to use texture to maximum effect.

The Japanese particularly love moss and create moss gardens with a huge number of native varieties. This example from the show demonstrates creative use of moss balls to create a ‘bubbly’ contoured element in the garden. There are also flatter varieties, clinging to the rocks, which are themselves roughly hewn. High above are the acer trees which have lots of small leaves giving the impression of a feathery canopy. The whole effect is harmonious even though the textures are very different to each other.

In surface pattern design, my favourite way to create texture is through ‘mark making’. This is simply making lots of small marks close together; they can be any marks you like such as lines or dots or random squiggles!

Until next time my creative crew,