Super Seconds Festival!

We are joining with 250 other makers for the online sale event Super Seconds Festival! This event starts at 10am 1st October and runs to the end of 2nd September.

Why are we getting involved? Well because we’re not perfect and sometimes we make samples that are a bit experimental or didn’t work out as we’d planned. But now is your chance to get hold of these special one-off pieces and help us clear out the studio 😊

Our lovely goodies will be up to 40% off!

We love collaborating with other makers because we believe championing each other is good for us all. Joining forces raises the profile of what we do by educating customers about our making processes, thus gaining appreciation for handmade and independently designed items.

How do you buy from us during Super Seconds Festival?

Go to our special Super Seconds Festival collection here.

Also check out the Maker Line Up catalogue and have a browse. You can make a wish list of your favourite makers including us. The maker profiles have links to their discounted products.

Most importantly, have fun finding bargains!