Wood block printing workshops

In our workshops, we don't tell people what to print! The tutor's role is to guide you to achieve what you want to print. At the start of the workshop, we run through all the pattern and design options, discuss colours and then carry out some practice prints. Below we show you some of the creations made by our workshop attendees.

block printing workshop

Tea towels

Each person approaches design and colour in a different way. Some prefer a more flowing style and others lean towards a linear or grid structure.

tea towel workshop

It is easy to keep adding more motifs and more colour, but sometimes, less is more! In the example below, there is a large amount of white space, but enough visual interest at the top and bottom. 

tea towel workshop

Using masking tape, we can create a stencil for a more personalised approach. Look at this gorgeous letter M below. 

tea towel block printing workshop


This bag design had a meadow block border, with a centre of rabbits and seedheads. These blocks work well together because they are all on the similar theme of nature.

block printed bag

This bag is totally different. We love how the geometric forms overlap and are placed off-centre. The yellow, grey and sage colour palette works really nicely.

Block printed bag

Using letters is another great way to personalise! Here is a shopping bag example we made for the students.

flowers block printed bag



We hope to see you on one of our workshops soon! More info & dates here.