World Cotton Day

We are conscious that the textile industry needs to do more at all levels of the supply chain to be more sustainable, which is why we choose our materials carefully.

Producing cotton requires a lot of land, pesticides and water consumption. Some production methods result in loss of animal habitat, soil degradation and water contamination. Once the raw materials get to the textile mills, further water, energy and chemicals are used to process and spin the yarns into cloth.

World Cotton Day is on 7th October. This is an opportunity to highlight cotton's role in creating jobs and maintaining economic stability in least-developed countries. Celebrations marking the day aim to foster sustainable trade policies and to enable developing countries to benefit from every step of the cotton value chain.

For our cushions, we only use cotton which has been independently monitored by SEDEX and OEKO-TEX to ensure the highest production standards are met when it comes to the environment and working conditions.

We use a digital printing process, which uses 95% less energy than screen printing. Both processes use water-based inks which are better for the environment than chemical printing. Any left over ink is professionally processed, not going into landfill. 

The factory we use runs on sustainable energy where possible, generated by solar panels on its roof.

Cotton plant